In Cornish kitchens, all five senses come to life. You hear the sizzling frying pans and bubbling sauces as you smell the delicate, fresh seafood and everything it comes with ~ buttery sauces flavoured with garlic, seasonal vegetables with crisp herbs, the sharp citrus scent of a squeezed lemon. You see steam rise up from these beautifully colourful plates, while you feel your knife and fork sink into the soft and flaky flesh of white fish. But of course, best of all is the taste.

Some of the best chefs will use the fresh seafood from that day to inspire what’s on the menu. From monkfish curries to haddock arancini, or roasted hake to classic battered fish and chips, the versatility of fresh seafood is what makes it so exciting and unique. But chefs aren’t just in the restaurants! Home-cooked seafood is a healthy and creative way to mix up your mealtimes.

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