About us

There are more seafood restaurants than anywhere else in the country outside London, making Cornwall the UK’s flagship destination for seafood. The Celtic Sea boasts some of the most delicious and versatile seafood Europe has to offer and Seafood Cornwall was born to champion it. Seafood Cornwall is a collaboration of the seafood supply chain, from fishermen to fishmongers, merchants to seafood eateries, we’re working together to celebrate sustainable Cornish seafood and enhance routes to market.

Born from Cornish Fishermen

Seafood Cornwall is an initiative brought to life by the Cornish Fish Producers’ Organisation. The CFPO represents over 175 vessels in the Cornish fishing fleet – the most economically significant fleet in England. But Seafood Cornwall isn’t just for CFPO members; it’s an initiative for every boat and fisherman in Cornwall, and for the many businesses that depend on and celebrate Cornish fish and seafood.

Seafood Cornwall is led by the CFPO with the aim of connecting more people with Cornish Seafood ~ whether that’s through promotion of an under-loved species, or tackling trade and culture barriers getting in the way of  more people eating this delicious, low-carbon, protein source.




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If you’re a business in Cornwall and have a story to tell, or would like more information on how you can be involved in our upcoming campaigns, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Have any questions, thoughts, or comments? Email: info@seafoodcornwall.org.uk

For press enquiries, email charlotte@cfpo.org.uk



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