Seafood Cornwall is an initiative brought to life by the Cornish Fish Producers Organisation, or the CFPO. The CFPO is a 44-year old organisation that represents over 160 vessels in the Cornish fishing fleet. Seafood Cornwall isn’t just for CFPO members, however: this initiative is county-wide, for every boat and fisher in Cornwall, and for the many businesses that depend on and celebrate Cornish fish and seafood.

The people responsible for our success…

Paul Treblicock

Seafood Cornwall Lead

Paul is the CEO of the CFPO and steering the Seafood Cornwall ship, with decades of fishing industry experience behind him.

Katrina Ryan

Communications Team

Katrina runs a communications business, Mindfully Wired, that is built on an obsession with the sea and with seafood. Having worked with the CFPO for three years, Katrina leads on communications strategy for Seafood Cornwall, and can be spotted jumping between fishing vessels in Cornish harbours, interviewing local business owners, and delving into fish recipe books.

Harriet Yates-Smith

Communications Team

Harriet is Project Managing communications across Seafood Cornwall, with a particular emphasis on youth engagement, media and podcasting. Another fishing-fanatic, Harriet will be organising and facilitating youth board meetings, creating wonderful content, and seeking out the best seafood stories for you.

Rachel Walker

Communications Team

Rachel is busy gathering and sharing stories of seafood, fishing, fine dining, harbour-side fish and chips and much more! Specialising in digital content for Seafood Cornwall, Rachel will be blogging, instagramming, video editing, fish cooking and just being an all-round comms queen!

Chris Ranford

Community Engagement

Having worked with the fishing industry since 2012, Chris is leading on getting new, exciting and seafood-centric community initiatives off the ground across Cornwall. From designing and facilitating Youth Board workshops through to developing ideas that increase the sustainability and value of the Cornish catch. Chris will be working alongside the rest of the team to connect more people to local fish and shellfish.