Stay at Home: Get #FishToYourDoor

Seafood Cornwall’s #FishToYourDoor scheme is ready to supply fresh fish from Cornish fishermen as millions in the UK are ordered to ‘stay at home’ once again.

Wednesday 6th January


Despite a bitterly disappointing Brexit deal for UK fisheries, and lockdown 3.0 looming over the country, Cornwall’s resilient fishermen continue braving winter waters to secure fresh, sustainable fish. And Seafood Cornwall’s #FishToYourDoor scheme – running continuously since lockdown 1.0 in March 2020 – is ready to enter into a third wave of contact-free delivery activity, nationwide. 

Set up as an emergency response to the first lockdown, #FishToYourDoor’s main aim was to support local Cornish fishing businesses. As European borders closed, and hospitality venues shut down across the UK the market for fresh fish plummeted and fishermen had nowhere to sell their catch. But within just 48 hours of the lockdown announcement, #FishToYourDoor had connected over 1,000 isolated and vulnerable people across the UK to Cornish fishermen and fish merchants. Since this emergency response, #FishToYourDoor has continued to grow, connecting and engaging with over 7,000 customers and advancing from a match-making service on social media to a dedicated webpage and member of staff personally connecting every individual to a trusted Cornish fish merchant or fisherman. #FishToYourDoor has more exciting plans for 2021, which have been built on direct feedback from loyal customers across the year, but for now, it’s here to support people staying at home and fighting the COVID pandemic. 

Cornwall Fish Direct is proud to be a #FishToYourDoor merchant. We signed up to be a part of the scheme earlier this year, not only to support our fishing community and our fleet of Cornish fishing boats, but to ensure that every person in the UK, regardless of where they live, had access to fresh, seasonal, traceable Cornish fish. This latest lockdown is a perfect opportunity to sign up to #FishToYourDoor, support small fishing businesses, try something new, and keep strong and healthy by eating fresh fish!” Antony Hosking, Co-owner of Cornwall Fish Direct

The #FishToYourDoor scheme runs based on a simple match-making service that is run via the Seafood Cornwall website, where fish aficionados can also access recipe inspiration and guidance about local Cornish species. A Seafood Cornwall customer, Katie Stilwell, comments: “With an impressive variety of incredible Cornish species, there’s always a chance to try something new and if you can’t make your mind up, I found that all merchants offer fresh fish boxes with mixed species. You can also decide if you want your fish filleted so you know that when your fish arrives at your door, it can go straight into the pan!” 

In lockdown 1.0, #FishToYourDoor is credited with providing a lifeline for many Cornish fishing and seafood businesses. Paul Trebilcock, CEO of the Cornish Fish Producers’ Organisation (representing the Cornish fishing fleet), and head of the Seafood Cornwall initiative, explains why #FishToYourDoor is asking the nation to support fishermen once again. 

“#FishToYourDoor was set up rapidly, as a direct response to the pandemic, but has now grown into a remarkable scheme that has helped to strengthen fishing businesses in Cornwall.  One of our #FishToYourDoor merchants, Marisco Fish, thought their business would suffer when the hospitality sector shut down, but due to the success of customers signing up to Fish to your Door they hired a new member of staff and increased their supply of fresh fish to the domestic market. 

Fishing communities had an incredibly tough 2020, like all of us, and proved just how adaptable they can be. With the recent Brexit deal providing a big disappointment to Cornwall’s fishermen, #FishToYourDoor may be a much-needed light during a dark start to the year – and what’s great is we can help keep other communities fed under lockdown. A win-win.”

If you would like to support fishing communities and try some fresh Cornish fish whilst locked down at home, please sign up to #FishToYourDoor here. You can also find us on Instagram and Twitter.


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