Quayside Fish

If you’re in Porthleven and want to take home some fresh fish for the BBQ, then Quayside Fish is a fantastic option. We spoke to the senior partner, John Crayford, who told us that, on a very good day, they’ve had around 36 different species on the counter.

The seafood is traceable, with a fair amount of Cornish fish coming in from the Plymouth auction, as well directly from the Porthleven harbour: “Day boats bring in bass, mackerel, pollock… and when they get their nets out we get a lot of flatfish, dover soles, rays, plaice, dabs, monkfish. It’s really fresh, and sometimes still flapping by the time it gets here!”

Just a stone’s throw from the harbour, Quayside Fish catch enjoys being able to promote its connection to the local fishing industry: “It’s great to be able to tell customers which boat brought their fish in. They can go down to the harbour and see which one it is!”

Their expert fishmongers are happy to help you with any decision making, introduce you to new species, clean your fish and give a few cooking tips – although John recommended that simplicity is best when it comes to seafood.

If you’re in the Helston area or elsewhere in Cornwall, but don’t make it to Porthleven, you can order online and get some fresh fish delivered!

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