It’s January, and with the festive cheer, Christmas lights and mountains of mince pies now behind us (and in our bellies!) it’s only natural to feel a little blue as we return to our normal routines.

Enter Blue Monday. Dubbed “the most depressing day of the year”, it falls on the third Monday of January every year and is a day where, “statistically”, you may feel a little low. This year it falls on January 17th, which is right around the corner!

In preparation, we have compiled five insights and ideas from the fishing industry to thaw away the blues and lift your spirits.


“We always have time to protect the future.” – Just Shellfish

Each aspect of the seafood supply chain in Cornwall is working towards a sustainable future, from fishermen to restaurants. Port Isaac shellfish suppliers, Just Shellfish, are no exception. They are shouting about their techniques that help increase sustainability – and we love it! This huge lobster (pictured below) caught by Just Shellfish went straight back over the side of the boat with “fresh v-notches to reproduce for many years to come”.

V-notching is a technique used by fishermen in order to preserve lobster stocks. If a female lobster with eggs, also known as a ‘berried hen’, is found, the fisherman can cut a V shape into her tail and release her back into the sea. This V-cutting can last a few years and, if picked up again by another fisherman, the lobster must be returned to the sea. In this small way, the fishermen are able to preserve and sustain future generations of lobster.

“A year on from being rebranded as Cornish king crabs, sales of spider crabs in the UK are on the rise.” – BBC Farming Today

It’s official! The rebranding of spider crab to Cornish king crab has made a real impact on sales of the crustacean across the UK. BBC Farming Today paid a visit to the bustling Cornish fishing port of Newlyn to speak to fishmongers W.Harvey & Sons and the Cornish Fish Producers’ Organisation (CFPO) about the progress.  One of the directors at W.Harvey & Sons, Julian Harvey, told the BBC: “We sold 5000 units last year. I’d say that’s 4-5X more than we sold the year before.”

Listen to the show here.

Traditionally, more than 90% of the spider crab landed in Newlyn has been exported to the EU, but now increased demand has seen the species delivered to the front doors of many consumers across the UK!

Seafood can help you fight fatigue – Love Seafood 

Reinvigorate your new year and shake off the Blue Monday slump by using this handy excuse to eat more seafood! Lots of seafood contains healthy B vitamins such as B3, B6 and B12 which reduce fatigue. For example, a small can of sardines in oil provides a whopping five times our daily need for vitamin B12. Brown crabmeat, crayfish, clams, cockles and mussels also contain iron which helps to reduce tiredness.

The new year is the perfect time to set healthy habits, and even start cooking outside your comfort zone! Most seafood is super quick and easy to cook, stacked full of vitamins, healthy (if you pair it with the right things of course!) and it’s more sustainable than a lot of other meat protein choices. With dozens of different species in Cornwall alone, you’ll be spoilt for choice on exciting recipes to play with.

“It’s not always about the money. It’s about people eating the right products, keeping healthy, especially at a time like this.” – Cassius Payne, Marisco Fish

Seafood retailer and owner of Marisco Fish in Penzance, Cassius Payne, finds his motivations rooted in a “real passion” to supply people with fresh seafood to keep them fighting fit.

As we know, consuming more seafood can help reduce tiredness, but it also aids heart function, maintains blood pressure, supports your immune system and much more. Your local seafood supplier or fishmonger has your best interests at heart.


“Everybody’s on holiday in this end of the world and they’re eating lots of fish when they’re here!” – Andrew Pascoe 

Looking ahead to sunnier times doesn’t hurt! With an increase of holiday go-ers opting for a seaside holiday on the Cornish coast over traveling abroad, there has been an increase in domestic consumption of fresh seafood, especially during peak seasons. Fisherman Andrew Pascoe told us how this increase is “keeping spirits up” across the industry.

Bring on the summer sunshine, days exploring the Cornish coast and sampling all the fresh seafood local retailers and fishermen have to offer!

We know it’s small – but with so much doom and gloom, it pays to share the good news too. And hey – it may not stop the rain nor rejuvenate your bank balance after Christmas, but if it can inspire you – even slightly – well then that’s good enough for us.

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