The #NHSFishFridays scheme is a shining example of what Cornwall is all about.”

– Steve Double, MP for St Austell and Newquay. 


We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! Recognition, appreciation and community, with a sprinkling of high-quality, fresh seafood thrown in for good measure. 

We launched #FishToYourDoor as a direct response to the dreaded C-word (and we’re not referring to cod or crabs – or crustaceans of any kind for that matter). But since then, it’s evolved to become so much more than that. 

Since launching in March, #FishToYourDoor has seen over 4,000 sign ups, and hundreds of fresh fish deliveries. That’s a lot of happy customers, and, vitally – it’s a lot of fishermen kept at sea, doing what they love. 


“We placed an order with Louis for 2 lobsters and some Hake. It was all delivered this evening as promised.  Had the lobster for dinner. Absolutely stunning. So glad we used this service and will definitely be using it again.” – Dan

“The fish is possibly the freshest I have ever bought. Just Lovely.” – Suzy

“Brilliant service – now just need to thaw and eat! Ray of sunshine to have a source of food coming to our door at this time.” 


Whilst lockdown begins to lift, #FishToYourDoor shows no signs of stopping. Businesses all around the world have had to diversify to stay afloat in such testing waters. But change drives innovation, and the positive response to fish deliveries from deck to door has, quite literally, opened doors for fishing businesses in Cornwall. 

The power of technology and the level of connectivity we have at this time has allowed businesses to thrive despite, quite literally, a lockdown of normality.

However, although it may seem like lockdown is lifting for us, NHS staff are still working day and night to ensure the ones we love are safe. Our NHS Fish Fridays campaign recognises the work of local NHS Heroes, and thanks them with deliveries of discounted fresh fish from the Cornish waters of their home county.


“I am proud to see that the Cornish seafood industry is doing everything in their power to recognise our hard-working health heroes through #NHSFishFridays. I am sure that deliveries of fresh Cornish fish direct to the doors of NHS workers, at a fraction of the price, will lift spirits and give them a much-needed boost to carry on with their tremendous work.” – Scott Mann MP for North Cornwall.⠀


Since the 14th May, over 500 deliveries to hard-working NHS staff have been made. And with calls to extend the campaign for more Heroes to enjoy, Cornwall looks set to have more fishy Fridays in store throughout the month of June.

Check out the list of suppliers here.

From hand-picked crab to hake and haddock, there’s something for everyone.

Having trouble choosing? Check out the Cornish fish boxes!