Presents can take many forms. They don’t just need to be red cube-shaped parcels tied up with gold ribbon that sit under your tree. They can be useful tips, insightful videos, or just heart-warming quotes that make you feel all happy inside. (And recently, we could all do with more of that!)

So for Christmas this year, we’ve compiled 12 seafood-themed presents that do just that. So sit back with a hot chocolate (or a mulled wine: ‘tis Christmas after all) and enjoy 12 Seafood Gifts for a Very Cornish Christmas.

1.  To paraphrase the festive saying that “the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear”, remember that “the best way to ruin a seafood dish is to overcook the seafood”.  Sure, it’s not quite as catchy, but trust us, as a rule of thumb – seafood doesn’t need as long in the oven/pan than you think it does. (Which – if you ask us – is one of the best things about it! Less waiting – more eating.) 

2. “It’s beautiful to get out there and see the sunrise – and most of the time – the sunset. You see all the changes of the natural environment. I was out the other day; it was flat, calm. There were dolphins, the most stunning sunset. You think: ‘This is why I do this’, it’s just so fantastic to be out there.” – Andrew Pascoe, Cornish fisherman

Heart feeling warmer yet? 

3. Need some inspiration for an alternative festive dinner? Try swapping the turkey for a whole cooked fish, for a show-stopping centrepiece. Lemon sole is affordable, healthy, sustainable, and SUPER easy to cook. We’ve paired this succulent and delicate white fish with your classic roast dinner trimmings for a Seafood Cornwall take on classic Christmas lunch.

4. Be matched with a merchant based on your location!

Our Merchant Matchmaker is a bespoke tool designed for you to find the best quality Cornish fish in the sea! (Or on the web for that matter). From long distance relationships with Cornish suppliers who ship nationally, to a new friendship with a fishmonger down the road, you can find your own seafood love story, wherever you are.

Be matched with a Cornish seafood merchant

5. “Sustainability is at the forefront of fishing – across the board – and more so now than ever.” – Ian Oliver, Auctioneer in Newlyn

Thanks to the dedication of our fishermen, we can head into the new year with hope for future generations of fishermen and fish species. 

6. Is filleting your fish putting you off from cooking fresh fish? Did you know you can get your local fishmonger to do it for you. All you have to do is ask! Find a Cornish seafood retailer through the aforementioned Merchant Matchmaker who can lend a helping hand. It’s what they’re here for! 

7. 🚨 Good news story alert!🚨 Earlier this year Cornish fisherman and CFPO Youth Board member Buck Beckett was interviewed on BBC’s Farming Today programme. 

Buck described how he stayed afloat during lockdown by transforming the way he ran his business and cutting out the middle man. The hard work and hours put in by Buck himself, and his wife Nicola, paid off and was a huge hit with the customers. Buck now delivers his freshly caught fish directly to you, or through a courier if you’re a bit further afield.

8. Panè; verb; To bread, or to coat in breadcrumbs. Aka, ‘breading’. (Basically, to make something already pretty tasty, even tastier.)

Pronounced pannay, so you can sound uber cool in front of friends and family next time you prepare your seafood. Here James Strawbridge demonstrates just how easy it is to get the perfect panè on fillets of megrim ~ locally known as Cornish sole.

Check out the video, and all of our other recipes, on the CFPO YouTube channel! Click here.

9. Presentation is key!

Resist the urge to flip your fish more than once when pan-frying.

When you put your fish in the pan, make sure you place the presentation side of your fish down first – this means after your (one single) flip, it’ll be facing upwards. You can simply scoop it out of the pan and place atop your pasta/potatoes/risotto with the beautiful crispy side face-up! 

CREDIT: James Strawbridge, @jgstrawbridge

10. Free Guides!

Print these handy cooking fact files off, and you’ve got yourself some top-notch stocking fillers for the foodie in your life.

Click here to download the megrim fact file and here to download the spider crab fact file.

11. Always kill your crustaceans humanely, and always prior to boiling them

It’s Christmas; we don’t want to dwell for too long on boiling things alive. But crustaceans – including lobsters and crabs – should always be killed humanely prior to being cooked. For more on this topic, including a breakdown of not only how to do this, but why it’s important, check out this blog where we spoke to fisherman and chef Sam Jones. 

The guide to Cornish king crabs!

12. 🚨 Good news bulletin: Sardines are in season!🚨

“People may think that sardines are a summer thing, but the season starts in the late summer and it’ll probably go right through now to January or February!” says Cornish fish supplier, Cassius Payne.

Sardines aren’t just for summer! They’re in abundance off the Cornish coast – even at this time of year – and are perfect for a Christmassy snackette.  They’re also just a few clicks away as you can purchase through #FishToYourDoor. Be matched with a Cornish supplier here.


Wishing you a safe and merry Christmas, from the Seafood Cornwall team.

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